UNL Gallup Research Center

The UNL Gallup Research Center (GRC), has a special ongoing relationship with Gallup--whose Omaha Riverside Campus is featured in the photo at right.

Gallup has supported the Survey Research and Methodology program (SRAM) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln by providing, to date, over $1.5 million in graduate research assistantships for both M.S. and Ph.D. SRAM students. Starting in 2013, Gallup also sponsors an annual symposium at their Omaha Riverside Campus which offers an opportunity for SRAM students to present their research.

Gallup also offers a special fellowship opportunity at the UNL Gallup Research Center that supports scholarships for promising UNL-SRAM applicants. Candidates may apply for this fellowship at any time, but they must be accepted to the UNL-SRAM program to be considered for this fellowship. Please contact Barb Rolfes at SRAM or Lindsey Eastwood at Gallup for more information.


Photo courtesy of Gallup