Gallup Organization Fellows

The following SRAM students are our past and current Gallup Fellows. Applications to Gallup are required to become a Gallup Fellow.

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Dato Tsabutashvili
(Class of 2013)

I work as one of the regional directors for Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union countries at Gallup. My role as a regional director includes working with local vendors and providing them methodological support in face to face surveys. I am responsible for all data collection that takes place in those countries including but not limited to the World Poll. I also provide regional insights to my colleagues at Gallup on different political and social  and economic issues.

My other role at Gallup is Advanced Design and Analytics Associate. My responsibilities include sampling design, weighting and statistical analysis for different national and international projects.

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Elizabeth Steele

I work as a consulting specialist on the World Poll. I am fortunate to work on both questionnaire development and data quality assurance. I help manage the translation process by reviewing translations and creating final surveys that are used in the field. This is an exciting process as we interview in over 100 languages around the world.

After the survey has fielded, I am also responsible for vetting datasets for Africa and Latin America. I review datasets to identify trends and assure the quality of sampling. I am also involved with the Gallup Analytics portal which provides World Poll data via subscription.